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Creative CSS Layout

CSS layout has moved along in leaps and bounds in the past few years. Beyond flexbox and Grid, we have aspect-ratio, min, max and clamp functions, custom properties, and logical properties, all of which can help us solve common layout challenges. Plus a whole new range of features on the horizon (with some already landing in browsers!), including subgrid, container queries and the :has() pseudo-class (or “parent selector”). As developers, the challenge is no longer whether something can be done in CSS, but which of these tools to reach for in our CSS toolbox! This session will aim to bring you up to speed with modern CSS layout, and demonstrate some creative use cases.

About Michelle Barker

Michelle Barker

A self-described CSS enthusiast, Michelle is author of front-end blog CSS { In Real Life }, where she aims to share some of the wonderful things we can do with CSS (and web development in general) from the perspective of someone working with it every day. As a Senior Front End Developer at Ada Mode, Michelle is passionate about harnessing our web development superpowers to make a positive impact on the world. With a background in illustration, she enjoys building creative demos, as well as helping developers fall in love with CSS through her technical writing for Smashing Magazine, Codrops, CSS Tricks and others.